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RRGSA Sportsmanship Policy

An atmosphere of sportsmanship and friendly competition is what Rose Rich Girls Softball Association (RRGSA) wants to develop in our league. Our ideal is to embrace positive feedback from coaches, parents and friends to build self-esteem in our girls. As a spectator, you are asked to be considerate of the effort put forth by all participants as they compete against other friends. The umpires are here to enforce the rules of the game and create an even playing arena. Your support of, and positive attitude toward the umpires, regardless of the outcome of the game, will teach our girls a priceless lesson, one that will serve them well in sports and in life. By your conduct and example, encourage these young ladies to feel pride in themselves, their fellow teammates, and the other members of our league.

Abusive, rude, or unsportsmanlike conduct by any player, coach, parent, or spectator is unacceptable on any RRGSA field, at any RRGSA event, or at any event in which a RRGSA team is participating.

To emphasize and enforce this Policy, a player, coach, parent, or spectator who violates this Policy may be ejected from a game and/or required to leave the premises. Abusive, rude, and unsportsmanlike behavior which may result in the imposition of the penalties promulgated by this Policy includes, but is not limited to: (1) throwing a helmet or other equipment in anger or with intent to injure; (2) profanity or verbal abuse directed at any umpire or another participant or spectator; (3) intentionally throwing a ball at a member of the opposing team; or, (4) unsolicited physical contact which would otherwise constitute assault. Notwithstanding these examples, abusive, rude, and unsportsmanlike behavior may be determined, and this policy enforced, by the umpire on duty, another umpire present, or a member of the RRGSA Board of Directors.

Any player, coach, parent, or spectator ejected and/or required to leave the premises as a result of a violation of this Policy will be suspended from the next two games of the team with which that person is affiliated. During this suspension, the person will not be allowed on the premises where games are being played and may not participate in any way in the games played. If the ejected player or coach does not leave the field immediately following his or her ejection, the team with which that person is affiliated shall immediately forfeit the game. If a parent or spectator refuses to leave the premises after being required to leave, the team with which that person is affiliated shall immediately forfeit the game.

If there is a second event under this Policy requiring the ejection or removal of a person who is under suspension or who had previously been suspended during the same season, then that person shall be banned from participating in or being present at all RRGSA activities for the remainder of the season, including play-off games and tournament games in which RRGSA recreational or tournament teams are participating.

If you have any questions, please contact your Division Coordinator. You may also report an incident anonymously by writing the Board of Directors at P.O. Box 1780, Richmond, Texas 77469.


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